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Embedded Systems

We have worked on numerous projects revolving around embedded systems. We have worked on most of the present microcontrollers from ATmega 328 to ESP 32 WROOM D. 

Our recent shift is towards SMD and our teams exceptionally design and assemble PCB with SMD components. We have even worked with 1206 packages and much smaller than that on our projects and prototypes. 

Our company’s major priority is to serve the world with the technology that it deserves in today’s disorganized world. We are working together in the direction of global development with knowledge which keeps on updating with the flow of time. 

Here are some blogs about the projects over which we have worked on : 


The technology of embedded systems keeps on getting updated frequently. There are lots of IC’s which come in the market and just shake the entire electronics industry and that is one of the most beautiful things that keep us going, our passion and love for electronics never get old.



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